Our Children


Learning & Development

As educators, we believe that that the ‘Early Years’ are the most important in a young person’s life. Their education at this age forms the essential building blocks that are needed to grow and develop into happy and responsible people.

The Early Years Foundation Stage highlights the seven Areas of Learning that are seen as critical in this growth and development:

  1. Communication and Language
  2. Physical Development
  3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  4. Literacy
  5. Mathematics
  6. Understanding the World
  7. Expressive Arts and Design

At Twynham House we plan the learning so that our children can increase their knowledge and understanding in all of these areas. We are also receptive to the needs of our learners. Children learn at different paces, and often have divergent interests. Every child is unique, and so we don’t adhere to one prescriptive form of teaching and learning. Instead we acknowledge and adapt a variety of pedagogies, while also following the interests of the child. In essence, we know our children and will work our hardest to help them reach their potential.


Healthy Living

A wholesome and balanced diet are essential for our children’s daily well-being. Our Nursery Chef cooks up fresh, home made dishes using our own healthy recipes. Even staff have been known to ask for more! Our fruit and vegetables are locally sourced and are enjoyed several times a day by our children.

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to morning & afternoon snacks. Meals are enjoyed as a family with staff and children coming together for Lunch and Tea. Dietary requirements and allergens are looked after carefully, with our children never feeling singled out due to their needs.

Take a look at a sample menu here.

We actively teach our children about nutrition, sharing the importance of a healthy lifestyle with them. All of our age groups enjoy weekly cookery with our Chef and Practitioners.

Quality sleep and rest times are essential to our children’s enjoyment and learning with us. Our rooms are easily converted into cosy sleep and rest spaces, with children enjoying some down time away from the excitement of the day. Stargazers have a dedicated sleep room that means we can support home routines for our younger children.